BRATECK επιτοίχια βάση KL25-46T, για οθόνη 37-70", έως 35kg

17,20 (τιμή με ΦΠΑ)



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BRATECK επιτοίχια βάση KL25-46T, για οθόνη 37-70″, έως 35kg

KL25-46T tilt wall mount is compatible with any 37″-70″ flat panel TV and the load-bearing up to 35kgs. Super Slim design sits just 50mm from wall to complement the sleek look of ultra-thin TVs. Suited for VESA hole up to 600×400. Adjustable +5°~-10° tilting . It allows the TV to slide left and right on the wall plate, so it’s positioned exactly where you want it. The power coating finish guarantees the durability and the simple construction is easy to install.

– Lateral shift brackets enable fast alignment
– Free-tilting design for multiple monitor viewing angles
– Installation is as easy as 1-2-3
– Slim design provides low profile

Τεχνικά Χαρακτηριστικά:
Function: Tilting
By Mounting Pattern: Universal
Material: Steel
Pipe Size: No (No)
Surface Finish: Powder Coating
Available Color: Black
Product Size With Open Position: 50x675x425mm
Fit Screen Size: 37″-70″
Installation: Solid wall, Double Stud
Rated Load: 35kg
Strength tested: 3 times approved
Max.Hole Pattern: 630x405mm
VESA: 200×200, 400×200, 300×300, 400×400, 600×400, 400×300, 300×200
Tilt: +5°~-10°
Profile: 50mm (2″)

Περιεχόμενα συσκευασίας:
user manual

Βάρος 1,925 kg (Συσκευασία)
Διαστάσεις 67,5 × 4,5 × 10,5 cm

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Μέγεθος Οθόνης

37 – 70"

VESA (μέγιστο)

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